A very warm welcome to all in Namuna Technical Education Academy (NTEA). We know all parents’ dreams to give their children the best technical education and we are here to make your dream come true.
We feel immense pleasure to introduce a distinct technical school in Ajirkot, Gorkha. We are a forward-looking, innovative, and creative community with the traditions, values, and high expectations of a unique technical school. We never compromise to provide our students with all the essential opportunities that enhance their learning habits. We always try our best to provide our students with every opportunity that helps them to flourish academically.
We believe in working together to achieve academic excellence and personal potential. As a community, our main values are Respect, Responsibility, Dedication, Creativity and Excellence. At Namuna Technical Education Academy (NTEA) we aim to change and stimulate the minds of all our students, fostering a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Our school possesses a well-planned curriculum, well-maintained classrooms, sufficient learning materials and extensive extra-curricular programs that allow each student to explore and develop their personal talents and interests.
We firmly believe that students thrive and achieve academic and personal success when they feel happy and secure. We aim to create a homely environment with hygienic cafeteria, friendly, and supportive teaching experts that make our students feel a close affinity with school and enjoy the best and revitalizing atmosphere.
We expect to make our innocent students very matured, articulate, sociable, and responsible energetic citizens when they leave the school. We try our best to make our students believe themselves so they could be confident in their ability to succeed and make a significant contribution to the wider world.
I cordially invite you to visit Namuna Technical Education Academy (NTEA) and would highly appreciate your feedback to make our Academy better.

Ram Prasad Adhikari